Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Got RAK'ed

Yesterday i got a surprise in the mail. A dear friend of mine sent me a RAK...I love everything...lol...cant wait till i can start stitching again.Hugs           

Monday, January 28, 2013

My Hat and Scarf I Crocheted

This is the hat and scarf i crocheted for myself...no more freezeing my face when i go walking.All i need now are mittens to match...lol

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Update on my Life

Well it's been a long time since i posted here. Lots of stuff happening and not all of it is good. First off,Christmas Eve,my grandson's 24 year old girlfriend was on the bus on her way to work. She fell to the floor and died...we just now found out that she had an enlarged heart and was having fast heart beats, and her heart rate didn't go back to normal....such a sad thing to have happened.

Then one night in the first week of Dec, i woke to a bug crawling on my arm...i went to the bathroom to check it out...it was a bedbug.....yep bedbug....the next morning i stripped the bed and found a few more,witch i killed...i was getting ready to put the quilt back on the bed when something caught my eye....along the seam of the quilt was LOTS of bedbugs...

OMG i was in shock....so i gathered everything up and put them in the washer in HOT water...i then took the mattress off the bed...and found lots more....plus on the boxsprings and frame...now i have a new queen size bed.....and its heavy....so i got a bucket of super hot water and a rag, and wiped everything.

I got one one the maintance guys here to confirm i had bedbugs.....he did... i called housing and told them. They said they would write a work order up....ok fine,but what do i do in the meantime,right....

I called the hardware store and found out that they carry bedbug spray....great...so i walk to the hardware store and get the spray....i spray the frame boxsprings and mattress...the floor under and around the bed....dressers,everything....then i sprayed the liveing room furniture,baseboards....in fact i sprayed the whole apartment.

The next day i get a letter from housing that i have an appointment to sign a contract to have someone come and spray. And that i am not to try to get rid of them myself....Are you freaking kidding me????? I am supposed to let the damn things crawl all over us????? Thats soooooo not going to happen...so every morning i tear down my bed to the frame and wash and spray everything..

Well the following week i go to sign the contract and find a guy ahead of me has been waiting 6 months to get his apartment sprayed....6 months are you kidding me!!!!!!!  Well i sign the contract.
Then they tell me the Enrich Exterminators will be out the following week to spray...in the meantime i have to get the apartment ready....the workers bring me 3 medium totes and 7 super huge plastic bags to put everything in.

Finally the guys come and spray....i have to leave the apartment and the birds too for 4 hours... so 4 hours later we come home and i have the dressers,and bed to put back together....a week later they come to inspect for bugs....i told them i find them on the ceiling and walls...just 1 or 2 everyday...they say that the bugs are running away from the spray...they sprayed the first time the week before Christmas...they did the whole apartment..

The second spraying was a few days after New Years....again we had to leave for 4 hours...we come home and put the bed back together again...i put the clean covers back on the furniture and we set down to relax...a few minutes later, i asked Joe if he was getting wet and he said yes....The damn guys SOAKED our furniture....it was comeing threw the chair covers and our cloths...plus there was puddles of the stuff on the floor...My mattress has a 6 inch wide stain at the foot of my bed.....AND I STILL SEE BUGS EVERY NOW AND THEN ON THE WALL AND CEILING.

Yesterday housing came and said they had a new company to come do the spraying...Orkin this time...the will call me next week to set up a time for first spraying...What the hell people....this is going on long enough.....

How i got the damn bedbugs in the first place was from the laundry room here...i would do my laundry and bring in home and throw it on the bed  and then fold and put away...during the summer i knew of 2 apartments that got treated for bedbugs....but there was more here than i knew about. I guess there are LOTS of Cases of bedbugs going around....i found out you can even get them while shopping.....

Now on to some happy news... I go the 24th of this month to the Eye Center for Pre-Admit... then on 2-6-13, i have right eye cataract removed...and on 2-20-13 i have the left eye done....hopefully i will be able to get back to stitching soon....

Hugs to all