Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lots of Reading

I have been doing lots of reading since Sept 2011...thanks to Sharon when we lived with her and got me back into reading she told me i should keep a log of what i read and by whom.....another great idea.

Then when i got my Kindle,i was really able to read lots of books.I have read 118 books and started have read books by:
Anne Tyler,Nicholas Sparks,Lavyrle Spencer,Michael Connelly,David Baldacci,Mary Higgins Clark,Helen Norris,
Sherryl Woods,John Grisham,Paul Levine,Ridley Pearson,Frank Peretti,Tomas Harris,Suzanne Collins,Tammy
Knox,Elizabeth Kaye,Michael Crichton,Alan Cook,Janet
Evanovich,John D. MacDonald,and Stephenie Meyer.

And i have LOTS more to love it.

I still need to make appointment to have cateract removed from
my left eye....

And we still havent found anyone to buy Joes truck for $1200.00.Every time someone asks about it,and find out its not
a four wheel drive,they dont want it....gggrrrrr....

Oh well such as life....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hi everyone,
Its been awhile since i posted. Here is my newest finish.

Its called Aventail by Ink Circles.....i LOVE  Ink Circles
designs...this was a small stitch...havent decided how i am
going to finish it yet.