Saturday, December 3, 2011

Update on me

Hello all my friends.Its been awhile that i updated my blog.The 2 months that we stayed with Tom and Sharon was great.Sharon got me into eating better.And back into walking.
I am now in our own place again.woohoo.Its on the 2nd i still have stairs to climb like at Sharon's.And i still eat better,woohoo,,lol...I still have my protein drinks for breakfast and i still eat salads and fresh fruits.
Now that i live in town,i walk almost everywhere. The other day i walked my first mile...wooohoooo...I love it.
I used to weight 235 pounds...i am now 212...woohoo.
I used to wear size large slacks...not anymore.
I finally had to get new slacks,a size large is just to baggy
With shopping at the thrift store and clearance rack at Kmart,i was able to get a few new medium slacks.And
ALL of my "fat" slacks are now

Also a lot of the gals in the ESC group have shared a list of their favorite i logged into my local library and now i can check out the books on my laptop and read the ebooks...Thanks gals for all the help and support...

Hugs to all...