Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some apartment pics

Here are some pics of my new home.I sewed up the pretty green curtens for in the bathroom this morning.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More New Home

Below are pics of my new home at moveing in time...We had a little scare
when we were moveing in.Joe was carrying up the double decker bird cage. Half way up the steps the bottom of the bottom cage fell off and the bird went with it.

I ran down the steps as fast as i could..and the bird came right to me...
thank goodness there was no cats or dogs around..i got my bird and took her into the house.

A large piece broke off the front of the bottom of the i had to glue
it back together....and thank goodness the bird did not get hurt..

Yesterday i walked to Weis super market and then another block to the welfare office....And this morning i walked to the welfare office again.

For they are not far from where i live...and i am keeping on the diet that Sharon and i started together.I am also keeping a log of the food i eat everyday too.

I am really proud of

My New Home