Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hot water heater

This is a pic of my hot water heater...i have been complaining for over a year about it.And all i got was "I dont see no leak,its not leaking now". So i put a lid under it a few months ago...and told them again....its warm water comeing out of this thing. Finally they fixed it this past sunday for the 2nd time in 2 weeks....

Monday, August 22, 2011

Spring is in the air

I finished stitching this last night. I love the buttons...this was a fun stitch.

Friday, August 19, 2011

John Deere Crocheted Afghan

The crocheted John Deere afghan is comeing along nicely...I am past the half way

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hoot the Owl

This is "Hoot the Owl" was a great fun stitch.I didnt you black to stitch it...i use dmc 891-dk carnation...i this its really cute. I used a piece of 14 count aida that i hand dyed....want to make a few more in different colors and see how they sell at the Farmers Market.As i have never sold any cross stitch am wondering how they will sell.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Farmers Market today

I went to the farmers market this morning.The weatherman said it was to be a DRY morning....well he lied...About 9:30 i decided to pack up.Got everything in the van except for my tables and chair...
Then it came....big fat rain drops....then it just poured. I was soaked by the time i got the tables and chair in the van...and boy was i cold,as the temp was only in the 60s...I turned the heat on in the van on the drive home.Oh and i made $5.75 in

Cantalope and tomato anyone???

I got these cantalopes and tomatoes today at am Amish stand...The cantalope i cleaned and cut in chunks.It filled a 5 quart bucket,plus i had a plate full too.
The tomatoes are so big that one slice covers a slice of bread...mmmmm....good eaten.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enjoying the Morning

Just haveing my morning cup of coffee and listening to the birds,and watching the sun come up.What a great way to start off the day.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Pretty Chart

OMGOSH...i just downloaded this wonderful bird chart from a free pattern.
Its stitched on 18 count mint green aida.
stitch size is: 98 X 138 stitches.
Not that many colors of floss needed.
DMC: blanc,444,445,606,604,704,734,

This is a must stitch for me as i LOVE
This is a great chart.

Out door sitting area

This morning i got inventive and made my own outdoor sitting area..i have been useing the landladies out door sitting areas...but decided i wanted my own area...the chairs and table was given to me...and i covered them with what fabric i had on hand...i know the colors dont go together very well....but hey,gotta use what i have...i love the peacock feathers but switched them out for the little it wont blow away in the wind.And i tied the ends of the tablecloth down too. I had my breakfast and coffee there this morning.It was great.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update on life

Well last week we had our interview with houseing...2 people i put down as referances called and said they filled out the paperwork they got and sent it back

I have been busy working on my Cheetah SAl,and packed up some stuff....and i rewent threw 2 boxes i already went threw and got rid of another box of

I only have 2 more boxes to go threw and i will be done...woohoo....might as well get some packing done,that way i wont have it all to do when moveing time comes.

The lady at houseing last week gave us lots of i can have a washer,but no dryer or dishwasher....what no dishwasher??? then that means i cant move in as i am the dishwasher.....lolol.....sorry a little humor there...

I dont have a dishwasher,but i will miss my dryer...have to hang cloths out on the line...if we get in a high rise i wont have a washer or dryer as they are in a laundry room in the building.

Then there will be a $5.00 charge a month for my birds...cant get rid of my 2 feathered babies...

The total i will have to pay each month is $550.00...that includes everything except cable,internet,and house phone if i want one.

It will be great NOT haveing to worry about the light bill...i am waiting to get a 10 day shut off notice from the light company. I have decided to let them shut it off...i cant afford the bill...and then we will see what all is on my electric besides my 4 rooms.

Finally on July 26,2011,the building owner sent someone out to fix the leak on my hot water heater....its been leaking over a year. As you can see from the pic it was leaking pretty bad..

Someone told me that i could sue the building owner for this leak...i will have to check into it....if nothing else just enough to get back some of the money i paid into the light 2010, i paid in $3000.00 plus to the light company....thats way to much for only 4 rooms...and 2 people...

Oh in houseing there will be a $100.00 deposit too... thats not bad,and if we move in during a month,the rent for that month will be we will only pay for the days left in that month...

The lady told us there is up to a 7 month waiting list...but it could me a lot less time...and not very many people want a 1 she said we should be at the top of the list...woohoo...

So i am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that we get approved and get moved in before winter...

Cheetah SAL

I have FINALLY posted pics of my progress on my Cheetah SAL. When i started this sal i only bought 1 skien of each floss color,just so i could get started on i have run out of a few colors. So now i need to get dmc 471,3347,3012,612,3346.....