Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Monday of last week i had a mamogram done....only 1 take this year,not 4 like last year...friday i get a call that i need to have an ultrasound done.
So today i went...well they did another mamogram on the right side...then i waited....then they did the ultrasound on right side.
I have a sist in my right breast...they said it does NOT look like it is cancer....doc hadnt made up is mind if he want to do a biop or wait 6 months and do another round of xrays...


  1. Glad it doesn't sound too serious. But if the dr.'s undecided, maybe better to go ahead and get the biopsy. Then it's done and out of the way. IMHO :)

  2. Good luck Geneva, hope everything comes back ok. Doc just sent off some bits of me for biopsy though he says they look fine so I shouldn't worry. OK for them isn't it?!

  3. Thanks Carolyn and Jo...
    Your right Jo..its ok for them as its not them going threw it...
    hugs all