Friday, September 10, 2010

Pretty Gift

Last night hubby went to visit his mom. He came home with a big box.Half was wrapped in green wrapping paper,and the other half was wrapped in yellow wrapping
So i unwrapped the box,and cut the tape that was sealing the box. Inside was some more green and yellow wrapping paper...lolol.
Finally i got to what was inside. It was this LOVELY QUILT. She made it for me.
OMG.....I was sooooo surprised.....i just love it.
What she did was take this lovely wild birds blanket and added batting and backing to make this lovely quilt.
I will treasure it always..


  1. How nice!! It looks comfy. :) What a lovely gift!

  2. Thanks Tracey.Cant wait for cooler weather to try it

  3. What a sweet gift - definitely something to treasure!