Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quilted Pics

Its not very often that i get in the mood to

Well, i got my ole sewing machine out this week and gave it a work sewed and then quilted these 4 pics. Plus i sewed 10 plastic bag holders.All i need to do is buy some elastic tomorrow and finish the bag holders. These are for my craft show on Saturday.


  1. Geneva, It is pamela "Queen of UFO's" from ESC's group on yahoo. I added you to follow as I need to start blogging again myself. Your work is wonderful. I read your wish list and maybe in june/july i can do an RAK for you. I just rescued a five year old siamese/maltese male cat and I am strapped paying a pet deposit...why in the world they need another one i dont' know...I have had Church my blue russian for 3 years and had to pay his pet deposit also. anyhow i like your blog and will nose around a bit later...just wanted to say hi and nice to meet you! hugs, from queen of UFo's pamela

  2. Hello Pamela.Nice to see you here. Thank you for the great comment on my work. Yea its a shame to have to pay another pet deposit. Dont worry about sending a RAK. I know how extra cash is hard to come by these days. Glad you like my blog,and you can "nose" around all you like. Nice to meet you too.