Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blood work and Doc visit

On Friday Dec 4 i went and had blood work done.Just my normal 6 months.Then on Dec 11,i went for my 6 month checkup. Doc was concerned about some "numbers" being a little high concerning my liver.

So he had more blood work done that day. Monday he called and said that he wanted more blood work done in a month.

But every thing else is under control. I go tomorrow for a Mammogram. I hate those darn things. There should be a less painful way to do


  1. mean where they take a cup and turn it into a saucer???

  2. Yes. thats the one. They did one set then i had to wait to see if they was ok. NOT,she had to take a second set.Then i had to wait again. STILL NOT done.She had to do the left side ALL over again.Grrrrr.