Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Ready for Winter

Well winter is just right around the corner. So i have been slowely winteriseing my apartment. I am putting plastic up on the windows.Got 2 more to do. Got a hot water blanket.
Had the temp turned down on the hot water heater and then got the blanket put on. Then i had the landlord fix the hot water drip in the tub.
Then i went and bought an electric heater,a new one. That will replace useing the really old ones in the bathroom and kitchen.
My light bill last winter was $350.00 a month.Going to try to cut bill back as much as i can.


  1. Ouch! Can't blame you for that! I have read putting the things along the base of your doors to keep the draft out helps too-not sure if your apt has any doors to the outside but I would think it would help either way! Check your electric co.'s website- I know ours has tips for cutting your bill back. :)

  2. Thanks Tracey. Our electric company does too.Yes i have 2 doors to the outside,plus a basement door,and a door that leads next door that is all blocked off. I will but things at all the doors.Had weather stripping put on 1 outside door.This is a really old building.And has no insulation. That is the main problem.I didnt know that when i moved in here. grrrr.