Thursday, August 27, 2009

Decorated Mini Bails

This is a pic of some fall decorated mini bails i did last year and the year before. I even made some for a wedding reception as center peices. They where fun to make. But i really burnt myself on some hot glu.Took 3 layers of skin off when i pulled the glu off my finger...Ouch...i still remember the pain.

Book marks

This is my first attempt at makeing bookmarks. In the pick below i used scrap floss. I think it turned out nice.
On this bookmark below,i stitched with Jewel Effects threads. I love giveing a project a little glitter whenever i can. But it is sure a challange to work with. But it is worth it.

Sink Hole

Last week this sink hole opened up and ate my right goodness i did not get hurt.
As you can see in the pic below. It has now been filled in...woohoo. Sure am glad of that.


I have been busy this week. I made 24 scrubbies to take to the farmers market on saturday, if it dont rain. And i also joined another ornament exchange. I just love doing these exchanges. This is only my 2nd one. And they are fun.

Plus i have been stitching on the "Dont Bug Me". I just love the bright colors that i am useing. So today i will get back to working on some crocheted toppped towels for the market. I have a lady that ordered 15.

Thats no problem. I have till Nov 1st to mail out my ornie,so i have plenty of time. Anyway i am almost finished with the front side.....sshhhh....Katie you did not read

So guess i better get busy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here is a pic of 2 charts that i got from my sister Betty. They where given to her, and as she does not do cross stitch she gave them to me ....woohoo

Dont Bug Me

I started this cute little project a few months ago. "Dont Bug Me" by Barbara Ana. She has lots of cute charts.And i love them.I stitched a little on it today. Takeing a break from makeing things to sell at the market. As you can see i am useing some very brite
You wont miss this when its
Happy stitching to everyone.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Scare

This afternoon i was walking around the garage, when the ground gave way under my right foot.
I went down in a hole up to my knee. A little sink hole opened up.

Thank goodness it was just one leg that went in. I got up out of the hole and went and told the
landlady what had happened. And i took her to see the hole.

The ground around the hole is sinking a little. And it goes under the garage. I just got a few
scrapes. No broken bones thank goodness.

Her and the kids roped the area off, and is waiting till her husband gets home. Then try to
deside what to do with the hole.

It sure gave me a scare.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What a weekend

First off on friday afternoon there was a water main break,so i had no water. Then saturday evening hubby and i went out for supper. We came home and found out a transformer blew, so we had no lights. Then my internet went out.

Talk about bad luck. When it rains it pours. Glad its monday and everything is back up and working.

Woohoo...doing a happy

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ride Anyone?

This family decides to take a spin around the block on their picknick table. What a site

Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Big Fish

We have a fish hatchery across the street from our house. I would love to have a few of these in the

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Day at the Farmers Market

Another day of selling and haveing fun at the Farmers Market