Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thinking and Planning Ahead

While i was at the funeral home yesterday, I decided to ask the supervisor there how much a "Direct Cremation would cost. It will cost $1595.00. That is not bad price.

I have told my kids and other family members that i do not want a viewing and grave site doings. It all just costs to much. The supervisor said that i can set up a prepay plan.

All i have to do is have him fill out the paper work, and take it along to a local bank and set up monthly payments. And the money going into escrow. And once i set up this plan the price cannot go up.

That is what i am going to do. I told him to get the paper work filled out for me. And then i will pick it up and go to the bank.

My husband and i dont have life insurance as we cannot afford it. And we dont have a nest egg to live on. We live pay check to pay check like millons of other people.

I bought 2 grave plots about 8 years ago. They are all payed for. Once i get this prepay plan going i will rest easy.

My husband has not told me his plans yet. As he dont like talking about it. But i told him he needs to think about it. And let me know. As this is something that cannot wait till the last minute.

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