Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peace at Last

Today we said our last good-byes to my brother Bob. And he was laid to rest and is now resting in peace at last. Now the healing can start. I will miss my brother dearly.

But he is in a better place with no pain and worries. We all loved him. He was loved by all who met him.

I just learned last evening at the viewing that my oldest sister Eldora is not doing well.
She had a cat scan of her head last week. Her kids got the results on monday. She has a brain tumor and alshimers.

She lives alone and her kids try to be with her as much as possible. They are makeing plans to put her in a nurseing home.Where she can be watched 24-7.

I wished her a happy birthday,and she did not know me. It is sad to see her like this.
My birthday was monday,and i am now 58. Eldora's birthday was tuesday and she is 68.

She leaves her apartment and then dont remember how to get back to it. We always had lots of fun together.It is hard to see her like this.

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