Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Have Been RAKED 2 times today

This morning i went to the post office to check my mail. To my surprise i had 2 packages waiting for me. I couldn't wait to get back home to open them. Thank goodness i only live a few minutes from the post

The first package i opened was from a group i am in called "crafting sisters. I got a cute coaster and a heart magnet.Thank you Rebecca. I just love them.

The second package i opened was from another group I am in "everystitchcounts". I received 2 really great charts. The first one if a Barbara Ana Design "Thinking About You". I just love Barbara Ana Designs. And the other chart is a "Heaven and Earth Design" QS Santa and Mouse. Thank you Sue.
Can't deside on what one to do
Just love both RAKS. Thanks again to you both.


  1. LUCKY YOU! Stuff for a hot summer day to sit and stitch on! Have fun!