Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Stash

Here is a pic of my stash. I hand dyed the aida squares.As i cant find to many colors here where i live.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Great Weekend

I had a great weekend. First off i set up at the farmers market. Had a fair amount of sales.

It was a nice day without rain. But it did rain later on in the evening. We are sure getting a lot of rain. There was a good crowd of people through the market.

Then sunday evening my landlady and her family had a late birthday cookout for me.
We had burgers on the grill,potatoe salad,macaroni salad,veggie tray with dip.

And she made an ice cream birthday cake. Mmmmm...that was good...lol. And then they all sang Happy Birthday....lol.

I had to wait 58 years to ever have a birthday party...lol... But i had loads of fun.That was really nice of her to do that for me. And i will always remember that party.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Angel Dish Cloths for Sale

Angel dish cloths for sale. They can be used as a face cloth or a dish cloth. A dear friend said they are to pretty to wash dishes with. But would be a lovely face cloth. The price of the angel is $1.50 plus $1.00 for postage.Total for 1 angel is $2.50. If interested,send me an email and i will give you info on how to order. I accept cash, check, or money order. Check must clear bank before order is sent.

Scrubbies for Sale

Scrubbies for sale. I have lots for sale. They are $1.00 each plus .40 for postage. Total cost for 1 scrubbie is $1.40 each.If interested in ordering send me an email. And i will give you info on how to order. I accept cash, check or money order. All checks must clear bank before order is sent.

Thinking and Planning Ahead

While i was at the funeral home yesterday, I decided to ask the supervisor there how much a "Direct Cremation would cost. It will cost $1595.00. That is not bad price.

I have told my kids and other family members that i do not want a viewing and grave site doings. It all just costs to much. The supervisor said that i can set up a prepay plan.

All i have to do is have him fill out the paper work, and take it along to a local bank and set up monthly payments. And the money going into escrow. And once i set up this plan the price cannot go up.

That is what i am going to do. I told him to get the paper work filled out for me. And then i will pick it up and go to the bank.

My husband and i dont have life insurance as we cannot afford it. And we dont have a nest egg to live on. We live pay check to pay check like millons of other people.

I bought 2 grave plots about 8 years ago. They are all payed for. Once i get this prepay plan going i will rest easy.

My husband has not told me his plans yet. As he dont like talking about it. But i told him he needs to think about it. And let me know. As this is something that cannot wait till the last minute.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Peace at Last

Today we said our last good-byes to my brother Bob. And he was laid to rest and is now resting in peace at last. Now the healing can start. I will miss my brother dearly.

But he is in a better place with no pain and worries. We all loved him. He was loved by all who met him.

I just learned last evening at the viewing that my oldest sister Eldora is not doing well.
She had a cat scan of her head last week. Her kids got the results on monday. She has a brain tumor and alshimers.

She lives alone and her kids try to be with her as much as possible. They are makeing plans to put her in a nurseing home.Where she can be watched 24-7.

I wished her a happy birthday,and she did not know me. It is sad to see her like this.
My birthday was monday,and i am now 58. Eldora's birthday was tuesday and she is 68.

She leaves her apartment and then dont remember how to get back to it. We always had lots of fun together.It is hard to see her like this.

Monday, June 22, 2009

An Update

I did a little stitching to relax a little. So i stitched this little saying.

And today is my birthday. I am 58 today.Not a joyful day for me. Tuesday evening is the viewing,and Wed is when my brother gets layed to reast. I want to thank all you wonderful friends for your thoughts and prayers.
Big Hugs to All.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sad News

On thursday we learned that my brother Bob had cancer. Yesterday a wheel chair was delivered to his house for him. He said he wanted to sit in it and try it out. So he was helped into it. Some time later he said he was tired,and would like to lay down.

He was helped into his bed. He just got worse from then on. When i went to see him at 3:30pm he was just laying there stairing. Not saying a word or moveing. His breathing was shallow.

By 6:30pm he took his last breath. And he was gone. It was really fast. But we are all grateful that he was not in pain, and he did not suffer. He is the 3rd brother i have lost to cancer in the last 6 years.

My mother had breast cancer and lived many years.Then she became diabetic. Years later she died.

We are all grateful for all your thoughts and prayers.

Hugs to all.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Here are some scrubbies that i make and sell. These are the first thing that i sell out of first.

Angel dish cloths

This is a new item i am crocheting to sell at the farmers market and craft shows. A lovely angel dishcloth. I think it will be a good seller...i hope...lol.

Me and my hat

This is me at the farmers market. I am just relaxeing in between customers. Dont you just love my hat?...lol.

I am supposed to stay out of the sun.Thats why i have the hat.

Farmers Market

Pics from last weeks farmers Market.

Pics from Hoover Dam.

Here are a few pics taken at Hoover Dam.

Family Pics

We all had lots of fun.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bright Spot

There is a bright spot of color in my yard yet. Sure does brighten up the place.Love it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Weekend Stitching

I did a little stitching over the weekend. Didn't get much done.But had a relaxing weekend.The first thing i stitched and put together was a little ornament. And it says "Things are good to those who stitch.A cute design from Oak Haven Designs.

This is another design from Oak Haven Designs. Hummingbird and hearts. Made a cute biscornu.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I Have Been RAKED 2 times today

This morning i went to the post office to check my mail. To my surprise i had 2 packages waiting for me. I couldn't wait to get back home to open them. Thank goodness i only live a few minutes from the post office...lol.

The first package i opened was from a group i am in called "crafting sisters. I got a cute coaster and a heart magnet.Thank you Rebecca. I just love them.

The second package i opened was from another group I am in "everystitchcounts". I received 2 really great charts. The first one if a Barbara Ana Design "Thinking About You". I just love Barbara Ana Designs. And the other chart is a "Heaven and Earth Design" QS Santa and Mouse. Thank you Sue.
Can't deside on what one to do first...lol.
Just love both RAKS. Thanks again to you both.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hummingbird and hearts

This lovely little design is from Oak Haven Designs. I did the hearts in "Jewel Effects #3843. The humming bird i did in "Pearlescent Effects #E5200", "Jewel Effects # E815,E699," and DMC # 909,and #310.I havent decided how to finish it yet. Don't know if i want to make it into an ornament or a biscornu.I did this on pale blue 14 count aida.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Love Grows SAL Finished

I finally finished this cute little SAL from Oak Haven Designs. It was fun to stitch.