Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wedding cake and decorations

The wedding cake was lovely.Each layer had a different cream filling. The table decorations were made by my 2 daughters,1 being the bride, and myself.


  1. Good morning Geneva,
    I have never met anyone with the name Geneva before, you are my first! My name is Cait and I live in the east-central part of Minnesota.
    The wedding cake looks so very lovely! The whole wedding looks so very beautiful. Your daughte must have been so proud that you did such a wonderful job on it. I like those chair skirts. What a creative way to do the chairs. I like the round tables at the receptions. Our oldest granddaughter had hers last year in a VFW in southern Mn and they just had the long, rectangular tables. They are so much harder to decorate.
    That cake is just beautiful. What were the fillings? I see wedding cake and not only do I start drooling, I put on ten pounds without eating any! LOL There is just something about a moist wedding cake and a lucious filling that sets my metabolism up a notch.
    I have not seen veils with the colored edge. Usually pearls or crystals, but not this way. I think it is gorgeous.
    Thanks for the lovely pics.

  2. The filling was a cream filling.1 was chocolete,1 was strawberry,1 was plain.Thank you for all the wonderful comments