Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rare Wild Orchad

I went for a walk in the woods yesterday.And found this lovely wild orchad. We call them "Lady Slippers". They grow wild and used to be able to find lots of them when i was a little girl. Now they are very rare to find. I found 2 yesterday on my walk. And took pics.


  1. How wonderful. I just love walking in the woods, and finding something like you have to keep in my memory. These small things stay with you forever.

    Dawn (BBI group)

  2. Geneva-

    I have to get out to our local hiking trails with my camera too...my dh tells me there are many of these blooming here this year...

    I love these flowers, don't you?? Wish they'd grow in the woods behind my house...

    Jackie in CT

  3. Jackie
    Yes i love these flowers.They are rare here in Pa.Used to be hundreds of them years ago when i was a little girl.Will be looking forward to your pics from your walk in the woods.

  4. Living in Minnesota, the Lady Slipper is our state flower. It is illegal to pick one, however, you can go to the nurseries that specialize in them, and buy more to plant. Yours are purple, and we have the more traditional white and pink. I still remember picking a bouquet of them for my Dad's mom, my grandmother, and she just about had a heart attack. "You can't pick those!" she yelled at me. I just thought they were pretty and that she would like to have them in her house bouquet. Being yelled at when you are 7 makes a big impression. But I jut didn't know they were a protected flower. She didn't like small children either. Oh well, your lady slippers are just beautiful! I didn't realize there was such a deep purple one. I am a purple kid.....I think I will see if I can find that variety to plant next time I am at the nursery that specializes in them.
    Your BoInk is so beautiful....I love your color combination. Is it DMC or Carrie's Threads?
    Either way it is so pretty. It will be lovely hanging in your home.

  5. Hi Cait,
    Thank you. I used DMC floss. The lady slippers we have are pink. Sorry that my camara showed them as purple. I wish we could buy some at the nurseries here in Pa., as i would buy some. I have never seen a white one,only the pink ones. I love purple too.