Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ink Spots #1

This is a cute little design ,Ink Spots #1. I used #48 varigated pinks,and #102 varigated purples. I really love the colors. I used 14 count aida. Then i decided to make it into a biscornu. It turned out great.


  1. I love biscornus. I have never made any, and was just made aware of them last year.
    What do you use your biscornu for?
    The colors you chose are my kind of colors. I love purples and pinks.
    Where did you find the pattern?
    My don't I sound like 'Inquisitive Mary' here. But if I don't ask questions, I never know and find out anything. Did you have any trouble getting the biscornu sewn together? That is the part that would stop me altogether. I am not good on theory and somehow the shape just boggles the mind.
    Thanks so much for the pictures. The more biscornus I see, the more I want to make one. And that is iffy, 'cause I have heard that once you make one......that leads to another and another and just keep seeing patterns for use as bisornus!

  2. All the biscornus that i have made,i have none for myself.I have given them all away...
    lol. But will keep 1 sometime and use as a pin coustion.
    I only heard of them this year myself.And it looked really hard to put together.But they are not. And yes, once you make 1 you will be makeing I just love makeing them.
    The pattern for this one i got from the Ink Circles Group.That is so true,i see patterns all the time now that would look great on a biscornu.

  3. Very pretty! Like the color combo.

    Wonderful pictures of your daughter's wedding.

  4. Thanks Milly.I love purple.So purple and pink work well together.